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What Students are Saying


I will use the budgeting skill I learned to make good use of my money in college. I also will know what to look out for when getting my first credit card. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work.

My favorite topic is debt management because I have always thought having debt is a bad thing. After the lesson, I understood that having debt might not be a bad thing since debt could actually help me and make me richer.

Start saving up money when you're young so that you can compound your savings. Also, analyze when you really need to spend money.

My biggest take-away from the presentation is that there is such thing as good debt and bad debt. Knowing this now makes me feel not as worried to go into debt with college debt. Also, it allows me to think more about the different purchases that I may do.

They gave us amazing advice. They helped us understand the concept while still making it fun. I will definitely use budgeting to live within my means.

Since I am a senior it was good to know the ways I can pay my college tuition and what to avoid.


Without the [...] program, I am not sure where I would be financially, but I do know that I would not be as financially advanced as I am right now. I have been able to help out friends with their finances and give them advice and learnt lessons as well.

I feel inspired to be in charge of my money.

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