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Online Learning Platform

FiAT now offers learners the opportunity to complete financial lessons online.

Our custom Learning Management System (LMS) features interactive lessons from the Financial Beginnings program.

This LMS is customized and created by Financial Beginnings, a nonprofit organization that shares FiAT's mission in providing quality financial education. This interactive tool guides learners through concepts such as banking, investing, credit, budgeting, and more! This new education platform allows teens and young adults to explore and participate in self-guided e-learning. Educators can also incorporate this asynchronous curriculum into their lesson plans. 

Enroll in the LMS

Our new LMS provides interactive asynchronous lessons on personal finance.

After clicking the "Get Started" button below, fill out the information and under "GROUP", be sure to choose "FiAT"

For questions regarding sign up please call (628) 203-2491

No Cost Sign-Up

Learners can enroll in all available courses at no cost to the

One Year Access

Learner's accounts remain available for a full year after sign up.

Course Progress

Lessons can be completed at a pace that fits with each learner's style.

Learner Dashboard

Each account comes with a customizable dashboard to track learning.

Earn Badges

Learners earn digital awards after successfully completing each course.

Flexible Delivery

Learners can self-enroll or educators can enroll their own classes.

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